Adsense Ad Optimization For Higher CPC And CTR

After getting the Google Adsense account approved, the thought that comes to the mind of every blogger is how to optimize adsense ads?.  After adsense ads starts displaying on our sites, we feel that we have done everything. But, many of them will have CPC of  just 1 to 30 cents. But, if you optimize the adsense ads intelligently, it can be increased from mere cents to several dollars.

Optimization Techniques For Higher CPC And CTR

1. Change adsense ad layouts to find out which one best suits your site. A placement strategy which works well in one site need not work better in another. So, don’t worry. Just change the ad placement and watch the change in adsense earnings.
2. Use maximum number of available ads(3 standard ad units image/text, 3 link units and search bar) possibly in most of the pages. But, you should do it carefully such that the user should never get a feeling that the site is full of ads.
3. Use more standard text ad units as it gives higher CPC than image ads.
4. Implement highest paying ad sizes(Large Rectangle=336×280,Leaderboard=728×90, Medium Rectangle=300×250 and Wide Skyscraper=160×600).
5. Try different ad layouts in each post. That is, in case of a 300×250 ad unit, if it is placed at the begining of a post, just push it to last in the next post and so on.
6. Change the ad colour in link ad units and text ads(color used for hyperlink usually give better results).
7. Ad Targeting:If you are using the same ad unit in all pages(eg 728×90 ad), target the ad. It will increase the Cost Per Click(CPC) of that ad unit. For that open adsense homepage. Click on ‘My ads’ tab. Go to ‘Custom channels’. Click on ‘New custom channel’. From there select the ad unit, give a name and tick on Targeting and fill the boxes below. Now, it’s all done. Analyse the changes in earnings in a week or two.
Above all this, try to visualize your site as a user visiting the same, and try to exploit the chances so that you get more clicks.(Place ads where they would surely notice). This will surely increase your CTR.

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  1. Hey,

    Thanks for sharing. Making money with adsense is still very possible. All you ever need is placing ads on the right place.

    The best location for me?
    1. Before post
    2. Between post
    3. End of post

    Just my 2 cents!