How To Download Facebook Videos.


Steps To Follow
We Need To Determine The Video Is Hosted On Facebook Server.

Facebook provide option to share videos from almost every video hosting site. so for this trick we identify where is video is hosted. as a example you can see bellow in bellow image, That video is not hosted in Facebook servers, it is YouTube video.

Now lets see how we can identify the videos hosted on Facebook. As you see on the bellow image there is a small earth icon.

Copy Video Link

Just right click on that earth icon and click on “Copy Link Address” as above image displays. The address you copied  is normally similar to “” or “”.

Download Video

There is some sites which are providing downloading service from Facebook. To download we need to get support from one of those site. you can find two download service providing sites bellow. As my experience i would like to recommend you to use first site since it is more easy to use.

Go to one of above site and just paste your link into the URL text box then hit on download button.
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