How To Get LOGO Of Facebook Verified Page

Hello guys, today i am going to share a post about how to get logo of Facebook verified page.  Facebook is the one of most popular social site in the wold, Now it is on top list, Every day many millions user are connecting to this social site, Some are trying to add only friends and some are using for promote there online business, because its world wide socials site also generating in many languages, Its supporting all local languages, now people are using daily this social site, Its have big amount of active user, There are many social site against to Facebook buts its on top because its adding always new features, Verify this also new features of Facebook.

Why We Want To Get Logo Of Facebook Verified Page

Now is world of Internet, If you search in Internet you will get many wrong information related to topic, Because every one can upload there or related to that topic information on net without verify that its true or false, So its very difficult to identify that which is right, According to this Facebook launching this features in Facebook profile and this verification system, Because more people are trying to create celebrity, plays , politicians accounts, Every one fill in information that is official so for remove Fake on this social site, its very important, If your page is official you can secure it.

Requirements To Get Logo Of Facebook Verified Page 

Many People don;t know about complete setup, If your page on celebrity or plays, on stars than you can’t verify this, You can if your fan page is official, I am Giving you some information which can help. Many people and sites are telling that we can but i wanna say you, Don’t try these fake services, I was read all article on this after read all article i found that we can’t request to Facebook for verify Facebook page, If we setup complete information than our page Automatically Verified.

Requirements to get logo of Facebook verified page are written below:-
Create Legal name of your Facebook Business page.
Remove Unwanted Character in Your Page name.
Create a Vanity URL of your Business Fan Page.
Complete all Information real in About Section.
Give full address with postal code of your city.
Create your own cover and profile image.
Facebook Mostly Notice About section .
Change Category in Business
For more info about it Click Here
After this your Facebook page will be automatically verified and you will get logo of Facebook verified page. It is automatic process so you dont submit any requests by useless methods otherwise your Facebook page can be unpublished.

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