How To Identify Fake Profile In Facebook ?

How To Identify Fake Profile In Facebook Is Very Simple Trick By Which You Can Determine Easily.Some Boys Creating Girls Fake Account For Their Fun But They Don’t Know What They Are Doing ? How It Will Impact That Girl Life ? This Kind Of Fake Accounts How We Can Recognize This Kind Of Accounts.

How To Identify Fake Accounts -:

  1. This Was The First Way To Find Fake Facebook Accounts . Take A Look At The Profile Picture , If There Is Only One Profile Photo Then It Can Be Probably Fake Account.
  2. Status , Comments  :  They Usually Do Not Post Anything ! They Don’T Like To Involve Their Self In Anything , They Don’T Comment On Other’S Statuses Or Photos .
  3. They Send Friend Request To Random People . You Will Find No Connection In Their Friends ! Example : One Friend From Gujarat, Another Friend From Delhi , Etc..
  4. In Their Friend List , You Will Find Maximum Number Of Opposite Gender .
  5. You Will Find No Ideal Link Regarding Their School And Workplace. Again There Will Be No Connection With Their Friends.
  6. Check The Birth Dates . It Will Be Like 1/1/Xx  Or 31/12/Xx Which Are Very Easy To Remember. They Will Also Put The Year Of The Birth . Girls Usually Don’T Put That Info!!
  7. Fake Profiles Have Contact Information. Usually Girls Don’T Put Their Contact Information On Facebook.
  8. A Easy Way That You Can How To Identify Fake Facebook Accounts . Look For Recent Wall Posts , And Comments . If You See Lots Of People Asking For “Hey Hi !! Thanks For Adding Me . Do I Know You?”  And Still The Post Remains Unanswered !
  9. Normal User Uses So Many Facebook Apps Like Playing Farmville , Or Sends Candy Crush Requests ! If These Kind Of Activities Are Not Performed By The User Then May Be The Account Is Fake.
  10. This Is Last But Most Important Step For Detecting Fake Facebook Accounts . If You Are Quite Sure That It Is A Fake Account And You Want To Be Totally Sure , Then Try Browsing Google For Random Pictures Or Drag And Drop The Image In Google Images You Will Get All The Information About That Photo.

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