How To Speed UP iPhone Without Jailbreak iOS 7.

Let us now turn to a guide that might be of interest to more than a few user who is struggling with iOS 7 but can not find the right balance between quality and performance if not with the help of some obtained through the jailbreak tweak.

But for the user who does not have or does not know how to jailbreak how can speed up iOS 7 ? Let’s find out together!

  1. Speed Jailbreak iOS 7 without the need to reduce some little gem aesthetic that definitely makes it more beautiful the whole system, but on the other hand slows it down a lot. In this case, you must disable the parallax effect that is in the background and brightness settings. If you’re using an iDevice upgraded to iOS 7.1, you can disable this feature by pressing  zoom perspective.
  2. We must also eliminate another nice graphical effect for speed of the whole system: in particular, we must disable the zoom effect to the inside or the outside when you open an app or a folder. You can disable this feature by simply going to the “General”, then “Accessibility” and eventually “Reduce movement.” So we are already at a good point to speed without Jailbreak iOS 7.
  3. One thing that many users at first but definitely keep an eye on that with the passage of time rather tend to ignore, it is mainly the ‘ use of storage space. Remember not to keep installed applications that never use!
  4. To speed without Jailbreak iOS 7 you must also remember to close all apps that are in the background as you change from one to another. Perhaps unwittingly you may end up with a slew of applications that did not close all the hopelessly slow the device.
  5. Finally, to make it even more powerful  your device with iOS 7 must also delete the cache in Safari or your applications. To do the first, just go to “Settings,” then click on “Safari” and then “handmaid cookies and data “.

Many of you probably already make many of these things, but sometimes it is always better to make a small list to suggest to all users how to speed without Jailbreak iOS 7.

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