RocketDock: The Best Free Dock for Windows


RocketDock - Free Dock for WindowsRocketDock is an awesome application launcher for Windows. It is customizable to any extent and its free. RocketDock is mainly a dock in which all the application shortcuts with icons can be placed and can be opened with a click of mouse. There are also other docks for Windows but this one is the best and also my favorite. RocketDock also comes with many themes pre-installed which you can choose in dock settings. 
RocketDock is a smoothly animated, alpha blended application launcher. It provides a nice clean interface to drop shortcuts on for easy access and organization. With each item completely customizable there is no end to what you can add and launch from the dock.
Now with added Taskbar support your minimized windows can appear as icons on the dock. This allows for better productivity and accessibility.

Features of RocketDock:

  • Minimize windows to the dock
  • Real-time window previews in Vista
  • Running application indicators
  • Simple drag-n-drop interface
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Supports alpha-blended PNG and ICO icons
  • Icons zoom and transition smoothly
  • Auto-hide and Popup on mouse over
  • Positioning and layering options
  • Fully customizable
  • Completely Portable
  • ObjectDock Docklet support
  • Compatible with MobyDock, ObjectDock, RK Launcher, and Y’z Dock skins
  • Runs great on slower computers
  • Unicode compliant
  • Supports many languages and can easily be translated

Screenshot of RocketDock:

All these features are packed with RocketDock and its totally FREE! Just install RocketDock, it’ll make yourWindows Desktop look much better. It is also easy and useful for us if we can launch our softwares/games with just one click. Another one great thing about RocketDock is that you can download as many themes as you want from theinternet and use it with RocketDock.
Download RocketDock from the link provided below and enjoy!
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