Top 10 Best SEO Tools You Must Have.

Today in this article we are going to give you a list of “Best SEO Tools” which you must have to accomplish your SEO needs. In this article we are going to give you just paid SEO Tools, but sooner we will give you a list of Free SEO  Tools as well. Almost all of this Paid SEO Tools also have a free version or trial period, which you can try out the application.  But for the full functionality you will have to spend some bucks on the application. If you have any SEO Tool to include to this list please let us know. Okay here is the list.

1.Scrape Box

Top 10 Best SEO Tools You Must Have Scrape Box should be your number one tool of choice to start. This tool is the most robust tool out there in SEO world. Scrape Box is invaluable application  for scraping data from search engines and manipulating those data. We can just name this application as Hybrid one.

Inside this application you can find auto commenting tools too. This commenting tool works with all WordPress sites. but i do not recommend to use it since there is a possibility mark those comment links as Spam once from search engine crawl bots. This Scrape Box is not much expensive but it’s worth the money you spend on it. last time when i check it, it was just $97. This application is not a web based one as most of others, this is a stand alone application. At the moment this application is just support for windows, there is no mac version available.

2.Market Samurai

Market Samurai is the one of  best SEO White Hat Tool. I can recommend Market Samurai for all my readers with out no duet, since this is the my favorite SEO Tool. Before i publish each and every post i am doing Keyword research using Market Samurai. Market Samurai can help you identify the best keywords for your article and it really helps to push your article to appear on Google’s first page. Market Samurai uses Google Keyword Planner for get keywords and Market Samurai can give brief idea about your keyword competitors. Even you can get to know where  your competitors are getting their backlinks, and how many backlinks you need to pass their rank.

Even using market samurai you can get to know about how hard your competitors targeted to the keyword and it tells you about In page and Out page Keyword targets as well. Using Market Samurai you can mainly do Keyword Research, SEO Intelligence, Rank Tracking and it help you to identify the Monetization options. Market Samurai gives you two weeks trial period as well, so you can just check whether is this tool suite to you or not. i highly recommend this tool for you. Market Samurai works on both Windows and Mac devices.

3.GSA Search Engine Ranker

GSA Search Engine Ranker is the one of most popular application in link building. This application can make thousands on tire 2 links to your website. but you will need a captcha solving application too. As an example you can make over 500 tire 2 links in just 30 mins automatically using this software. Please note that this is kind of Black Hat method so you will have to plan ahead before using this. With good plan you will able to get very large number of links with just simple click.

What most of people in SEO says that having little number of quality backlinks is better than having huge number of low quality backlinks. but as GSA says even with lots of low quality backlinks you can match that rank of high quality backlinks. GSA even able to make niche related backlinks but to honest with you i could say that GSA makes low quality backlinks. If you are looking for a fast way to build backlinks this is perfect for you. but if you are in White Hat side, this not for you.

4.Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is very popular SEO Tool with webmasters now days. Majestic SEO contains several tools and for some of em you have to pay. Mainly Majestic SEO has two functions one is Site Explorer and other one is Backlink Checker. Majestic SEO offers you three type of packages, but what ever you purchase its worth the price.

Majestic SEO provides you very detailed report about keywords, citation flow, anchor text and backlink history, even you can compare backlinks with selected domain names. There is another good option with Majestic SEO, which is they offer you to link your Google webmaster account with Majestic SEO account. Using this option you can very easily manage your SEO stuff. I could recommend this SEO tool for all my readers since this is what i am using for check and analyze backlinks.


SerpBook is a best rank tracking tool. SerpBook gives you ability to collect keyword rankings that can be shared with your clients. Which means you can make interface for your client and you can show the report to the client very easily. SerpBook is compatible with most of mobile devices also. so even while you travailing you can see what is going on with your keywords.

Normally when we dealing with most of SEO tools we have to manually insert proxy list. but SerpBook is able to manage own proxy list, so you do not need to spend time to look after proxy list. this software is more real time than others. even it has ability to give you a live intent notification once your keyword moves up or down. If you running a SEO firm i think this application will be very impotent to you. i have used this app and it has really detailed graph’s as well, You can export this graphs and detailed reports to PDF or Word with just one click. SerpBook also gives a short time trial which you can try the app.

6.SEO Moz

SeoMoz have very good reputation in SEO World. Moz has Pro and Free account as well but in the Pro one it has more valuable functions. Moz is a complete SEO suite and it runs on very user friendly platform. Using this Moz tools you will able to Track keyword rankings, Track and analyze your social media shares likes and followers, Check backlinks even with number of URLS, Check crawl errors of the website, Analyze and keyword suggestion.

Rather than this function SEO Moz has Site explorer with it. This Site Explorer is one of grate tools inside Moz and using this tool you can analyze the competition and find out about their link building strategies. This will gives you a accurate and detailed report with in few seconds. but if you tried to find this out manually i am sure you wont be able to do this even in a month. when we consider about the keyword analyze tool it give really good idea about the keyword competition and it shows top 10 ranking result as well.

7.SEO PowerSuite

SEO Power Suite is not single software. it is software package and it has rank tracking, site auditing, and link building functions with it. If you do not need to full suite you can purchase it separately as well. The suite contains four software as follows :

  • Rank Tracker – This Includes the modules for keyword research and for fast search engine ranking tracking. It gives reports to demonstrate progress to your clients as well.
  • Website Auditor – This application deals with website structure and content SEO optimization. Even this can generates XML Sitemaps, As above one this software also able to give you detailed optimization reports and reports can export too.
  • SEO spy Glass – Using this software you will be able to finds over 100,000 competitor backlinks and shapes your link-building strategy. It allows you to quickly generate detailed reports and it allows you to export reports.
  • Link Assistant – Using this you can work with all link management tasks, from building link directories to establishing link partnerships. As all above this application also Includes a module to exporting and reporting.

SEO Power Suite also have a free edition of software but the thing is you need pro edition to enable all features. Free edition just come with limited features.


Ahref is most the one of most reputed tool for Site Explorer, beside site explorer it has other valuable tools with it such as SEO detailed Report, Very detailed Backlink Report, Domain Comparison, Anchors Checker and Tool for check best pages of a domain. Ahref maintenance their own method as well as their own crawling system to check links. Ahref data is very accurate since it updates data in every 15 minutes.

Ahref’s Site Explorer functions is work in a similar way to Majestic’s Site Explorer and SEO Moz Site Explorer. This application is web based one and it has  friendly interface and rich data analysis system. Using Ahref you can even see how your backlinks change white time. which means you can see the history of backlinks. This report breaks down the keyword changes by day and how number of backlinks moves up or down. you can get reports daily, 7 day report or 30 day report. Even you can go for custom date range.  Ahref has free account as well as paid subscription. Paid subscription has three options from 79$ to 499$.


This SEO Tool is really good for link building and Social Media management. BuzzStream will enable you to easily bookmark websites and search pages for contact info, collect metrics, track Twitter conversations, segment contacts into email lists.

Using this tool you can search all related niches to your keyword. as an example lets assume your keyword is Best SEO Tools. With this tool you can search for website related to that selected keyword, and this app save them into link prospect database. This tool can automatically provides the relevant searchers and social media information. Once you done with the process you will have all information that you need to start your link building project.


Top 10 Best SEO Tools You Must HaveSEMRush  is a grate Keyword research tool and it can use as a competitor research tool as well, This tool not only for Google. Using this tool even you can focuses on all most all search engines. SEMRush has ability to access massive amount of data from both Google and Bing. Since SEMRuch gets data directly from Google and Bing this tool can give much accurate data than other tools. Because of the availability of massive data it allows you to see what keywords are competitors targeting and ranking.

This tool has more than 95 million organic keywords with it. You can get very accurate information about how successful a given keyword is working on a given domain, as well as you will able to see the value of organic traffic to specific web pages.

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