Top 15 Ways To Increase Your Alexa Rank


Top 15 Ways To Increase Your Alexa Rank

Hello readers, Today we are implementing 15 ways to increase your Alexa Rank. If you are blogger, I can understand how much Alexa ranking matters for your website/blog. So let’s see first

Top 15 Ways To Increase Your Alexa Rank

What is Alexa Ranking?

Alexa Ranking is the ranking system given by that basically audits and makes public how frequently the users visit your website. is one of the most reputed sites, that advertisers and others check Alexa status to understand the growth of their website and to estimated how their brand could get better with their website.  The traffic is based on different parameters like reach and page views. By reach, I mean the number of users who visits website on daily basis. While Page Views means the number of times a particular web page is being viewed by visitors.

There are various benefits of increasing Alexa rank of your website or blog as it will provide you more opportunities in longer term. Alexa rank has high trust among other bloggers, brands and advertisers. In fact, since Google has disabled the public access to page rank data now most of the advertisers consider only Alexa rank to choose a website.

How to increase Alexa Rank of your blog?

It is nothing more than the strategy, if you want to get something better than you have to put better efforts. You need to keep your strategy alive when you work.  I am providing you some best ways that will surely help to improve your Alexa Rank.

1. Link Building

Yes, link building is 100% required to increase your Alexa rank. Blogs having higher backlinks turns out to have higher Alexa rank. Do you know why? It is because these sites get higher referral traffic. As a result, ranks better in search engines.

2. Write Posts On SEO

Besides writing quality content, optimize some of your content in order to increase Alexa rank of your blog or website. Articles written on SEO, internet marketing often attract webmasters who have installed Alexa toolbar.

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3. Install Alexa Toolbar

Install Alexa Toolbar to your favorite browser, and also encourage your friends, fans and community bloggers to install Alexa Toolbar. Alexa records the hits that comes to your website or blog through the browser.

4. Write Post About Alexa

Just like other websites and network, Alexa also loves posts written about it that lets others know about the value, credibility that it currently posses in current Internet world. You can also optimize your site for Alexa related keywords.

5. Ask For Reviews

Reviews tab helps their services to rank any website and positive reviews will surely improve rank of your website. Even you can ask your traffic to write reviews about your website/blog. Add description to your site. Add logo.

6. Submit Your Blog To Directories

Alexa tracks back-links provided on your blog or web page and that will increase your web rank. As Google love and track links and help to count your search engine ranking. But make sure links provided by you are useful and originate from authenticated websites and directories.

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7. Auto Traffic Exchange

Traffic matters a lot for Alexa ranking. It counts your traffic and keeps on comparing the number of traffic from referral, organic and direct traffic. In fact the origin of traffic and demographics also matters.

8. Always Keep Your Blog Updated

If you keep your blog updated, it will not only help to engage people to your blog but also invite various other and new readers to go through your website or blog. Keep new updates each day for your readers to read your blog post. Don’t keep on writing the same stuff all the time as this will only bore your readers and soon they will say you goodbye without any prior notice.

Every reader wants to read new and interesting posts and if you don’t have anything new for your visitors or readers then in no time, you will lose almost everything, your brand, reputation and what more. Search engine loves the sites which keep updating regularly. And yes, don’t forget to show consistency on your blog. Maintaining frequency and consistency is very important to increase Alexa rank of your blog.

9. Guest Posts

This is one of the most used and worth technique to increase Alexa page rank. Most blogs provide the option of guest posting which you can post at their blog and will get two or three back-links in return.

10. Promote Your Blog / Website

No one can think of being successful without the help of advertisements and promotions. No matter how new or old your blog is, you need to keep it promoting to show your worth and value as you never know how many competitors are there waiting for your one mistake.

Promoting your brand or your website is your responsibility and you need to keep doing it for almost every new post so that it could reach to everyone and every time you post. It will help you to gain extra traffic and of course social media traffic matters a lot to increase your Alexa rank.

11. Improve Your Website SEO / Traffic Metrics

Alexa also keeps in consideration other traffic metrics like daily page visit, daily average time on site, bounce rate and more. Working on these metrics will help you to get increased Alexa rank for long term.

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12. Be Active On Google Plus

Most of the people don’t keep themselves active on Google Plus which is actually not advisable. People who are active on Google Plus are SEO geeks and Webmasters. So, you can take advantage of that and can drive a lot of high quality traffic to your blog or website.

13. Engage On Webmasters Forum

Keep updating and backlinking, tag your posts on SEO, blogging and technology and keep promoting on social network Google+, Twitter. Keep yourself engage on Webmaster forum, comment to blogs and contribute to the discussion.

14. Get More People To Sites

As soon as more people land to your site, you will get and ultimately better rank. So, write some high quality content, promote it so that it could reach to maximum visitors.

15. Frequency Of Posts

Blogging is not a process of few days, it needs dedication and loyalty with your work. Publish your posts at a fixed time. This will help crawler to know when you have published the content and then this will automatically boost your Alexa rank.

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