Top 5 Android Apps For Business Men.

At present the very dominant operating system in the mobile market is the Android. The need for it is ever-growing as a result of its interface having open receptiveness and being user-friendly. It holds a variety of applications suiting the requirements of different categories of people. Similarly there are a number of apps which can be of good use for Business Men. To fulfill its aim of providing the corporate world run simply, smoothly and comfortably in everyday life, Android is improving its apps and delivering novel and modern apps as well. Regardless of time and place, any business person is able to select apps associated to his needs and requirements to stay connected with the trade is the Top 5 Android Apps for Business Men.

 This is a complimentary business tool which improves  your commercial capacity by saving one’s ideas of corporate relevance. This feature enables one to compose drafts, to-do lists that one can ingress the business data anytime.

Synchronization of your notes/drafts across different devices can be undertaken automatically by this.
The notes can be edited at any time and it can be used online and offline as well giving adjustability to access.
Your email notes and tweets can be transferred to Ever note account.
With the help of social networking sites you can share your drafts/notes among your friends.

It is a great tool for one to systematize travel schedules comfortably. One can receive information regarding reservation of tickets to hotels and more. Not only that, it also provides you with needful directions to a specific location.
It manages trace of one’s travel schedules.
Sharing of trips and the details with family and peers is allowed in it.
Aid related to route maps makes it easier to reach a location hassle free.
At any time the details of the trip can be accessed to.
 A very useful and famous professional app for corporate, it reads and scans your business cards. Details of contacts can be automatically saved into the address book. This can happen just by taking a snap of the business card. The card snaps can be auto-rotated and auto-cropped.
High security is supplied to the cards
The details of the card can be exported to Excel and V-card.
On the basis of accounts and groups, your cards can be distinguished.
A card full of templates can be created by using this app.

Free video calls at considerably reduced charges can be made by using this feature. With alternative smart phones, sharing of snaps, videos and files can be done through this.
On 3G or Wi-Fi one can make free video calls.
Satisfactory sound quality is experienced.
The experience of interaction is real with clients/customers.
Notwithstanding any interruptions, quick connectivity is availed.
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This is a paid feature related to business. Through this one can create PowerPoint  Word and Excel files.  Google docs can be accessed to along with provision of PDF to view chosen files.
It holds number of distinguished feature of formatting like italics, bold, tables, bookmarks  and alignment.
Navigation is done with the help of slides, making it easy to create changes at any moment.
Transfer of files from PC to mobile phones giving way to synchronization of desktop is done with the aid of USB port.
Attachments of email can be received and delivered immediately.
Hence, such are the apps that can aid the professionals in running their tasks and chores effortlessly and in a short span of time to increase proficiency in the work field.