Top 8 Free Backlink Checker Tools.


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Now days backlinks are very impotent for SEO. We can simply call it as key of SEO. One thing we always wondering “How many backlinks my website has ? ” This is really impotent question since you always need to work on increase number of backlinks your site has, so knowing about how many backlinks you got is very impotent.

On WWW there is lot of backlinks calculators but most of them are not accurate.  Most of them just fetch data from alexa and shows as they calculated. i am sure that alexa uses a totally different method to calculate backlinks and they named it as alexa backlinks. Some of backlinks calculates shows us very low number while showing advertisement like “Make 10000 Dofollow Backlinks just for $5″. I never recommend things like this since Google will ban you from adsense and webmaster if they found you spam on the web. So we should increase our backlinks in a totally not spam way.

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I fly over the web today to find top backlinks calculators and i have selected 10 of them for you. but remember one thing this calculations are not 100% accurate but still worth to check and be updated

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